• dave BLACKBUrn, lead pastor

    Dave and his wife, Brenda, are passionate for their love for Jesus and their belief that we all have a "next generation" to whom we are called to pass along our faith story. Brenda teaches at Blue Ridge Community College. They have two sons (Davey and Jonathan), a grandson (Weston) and two wonderful daughters-in-law. Tessa is married to Jonathan and they are growing a home in Birmingham, Alabama. Davey and Weston are growing their home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Amanda (Davey's wife) was tragically killed and suddenly taken out of our lives in November of 2015. The daily memory of her life reminds the family of how precious life is and the urgency of spreading the message of Jesus' grace, power, forgiveness and love.

    When Dave and Brenda have free time, they spend it either traveling to see family or hiking, golfing, watching college football, or just hanging out with friends.

    Email: daveb@nextchurchnc.net
    Twitter: @MtnDaveB