What to Expect

We believe that a small group environment is the best place to form the relationships that lead to community. Relationships and community can help us grow and lead to positive life change! 

A NEXT Group is a place where you can be yourself, have fun, ask the tough questions, and take steps toward Jesus with a group of friends facing the same joys, frustrations, and challenges in life. Come, perhaps enjoy a simple meal, do life together with friends, and, together, let's discover how what we learn in the Bible can help us enjoy a more fulfilling life!

Brief descriptions of our current groups are provided below. Click on the link to sign up for the group that seems like a good fit for you and someone from that group will be in touch to help you get connected. We look forward to seeing you in a NEXTGroup soon!

Dinner, Fellowship, Bible

WHO?:   Couples, singles ... anyone

WHEN?:  Currently not meeting due to COVID

                         Watch for future dates...


WHERE?:  Different Locations

CONTACT:  Tammy Pressley     (828) 553-2018


THEME/PURPOSE:  Share a meal, experiences and explore how the Bible applies to everyday life.


WHO?:   Men's Group

WHEN?: The 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 7:30 AM

WHERE?: At Glady Branch Church - 1156 Rosman Hwy, Brevard

CONTACT: Bruce Fraiser    (828) 384-1085


THEME/PURPOSE:  "The Red Zone" is used to describe that

            point in the attack where the game plan is precise and

            the execution of the plan is critical. As men, the Word of

            God provides us with the plan and God's Spirit gives us

            strength to carry it out.

Empty Nesters

WHO?:   Ladies (empty nesters)

WHEN?:  Currently not meeting due to COVID

                         Watch for future dates...


WHERE?: Different Locations                     

CONTACT: Carol Clay     (828) 551-6290


THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections and Bible discussion.

Iron Sharpens Iron

WHO?:   Men's Group

WHEN?:  Currently not meeting

                         ... planning a March 2021 restart


WHERE?: Terry Jones' Home

                           994 Glen Cannon Drive

CONTACT: Terry Jones


                   Jasen VanDyke


THEME/PURPOSE:  "As iron sharpens iron, so one     man sharpens another."   - Prov. 27:3

Girl Talk

WHO?:   Ladies' Group

WHEN?: Every Sunday -- 4-6 pm


WHERE?: At Glady Branch Church

                            1156 Rosman Hwy,  Brevard

CONTACT: Gala Rice           (828) 553-0955


                   Vicki Denton     (828) 226-9681


THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections for ladies, Bible discussion and light exercise with healthy choices for life.

A Walk in The Word

WHO?:   Ladies' Group

WHEN?: Currently not meeting due to COVID

                       ...Watch for future meetings.

WHERE?: Home of Karen Gerni

                           137 Dalonigei Court


CONTACT: Karen Gerni



THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections for ladies and Biblical discipleship ... As we walk in His Word, with a focus ... Psalm 119:12, “Blessed are You, O Lord; teach me Your principles.”

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Click below to sign up for a NEXTGroup. If you don't see a group that fits you interests, new groups will be forming regularly and there is a selection for "Tell me about new groups" on the sign-up form. If you would like to host a NEXTGroup and be a NEXTGroup Leader, please indicate your interest in the Comments section of the form. We look forward to seeing you in a NEXTGroup very soon!