What to Expect

We believe that a small group environment is the best place to form the relationships that lead to community. Relationships and community can help us grow and lead to positive life change! A NEXTGroup is a place where you can be yourself, have fun, ask the tough questions, and take steps toward Jesus with a group of friends facing the same joys, frustrations, and challenges in life. Come, perhaps enjoy a simple meal, do life together with friends, and, together, let's discover how what we learn in the Bible can help us enjoy a more fulfilling life!

Brief descriptions of our current groups are provided below. Click on the link to sign up for the group that seems like a good fit for you and someone from that group will be in touch to help you get connected. We look forward to seeing you in a NEXTGroup soon!

Dinner, Fellowship, Bible

WHO?:   Couples, singles ... anyone

WHEN?: One Tuesday a month - 6:00 pm


WHERE?:  Different Locations

CONTACT:  Tammy Pressley     (828) 553-2018


THEME/PURPOSE:  Share a meal, experiences and explore how the Bible applies to everyday life.

Going Deep

WHO?:   Ladies' Group

WHEN?: Call or email for meeting time...

                       Meets weekly

WHERE?: Home of Jennie VanDyke

                      492 Oak Park Drive, Brevard

CONTACT: Jennie VanDyke    (434) 962-4022


THEME/PURPOSE:  Going deeper in the Word while making great, fun friendship connections.

Empty Nesters

WHO?:   Ladies (empty nesters)

WHEN?: Once a month


WHERE?: Different Locations                     

CONTACT: Carol Clay     (828) 551-6290


THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections and Bible discussion.

Iron Sharpens Iron

WHO?:   Men's Group

WHEN?:  Every Other Wednesday


WHERE?: Terry Jones' Home

                           994 Glen Cannon Drive

CONTACT: Terry Jones


                   Jasen VanDyke


THEME/PURPOSE:  "As iron sharpens iron, so one     man sharpens another."   - Prov. 27:3

Battle Buddies

WHO?:   Ladies' Group

WHEN?: Every Sunday (4-6 pm -- Winter hours; 5-7 in Summer)


WHERE?: Boys and Girls Club

                            11 Gallimore Rd, Brevard

CONTACT: Gala Rice


                   Vicki Denton     (828) 226-9681


THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections for ladies, Bible discussion and light exercise with healthy choices for life.

A Walk in The Word

WHO?:   Ladies' Group

WHEN?: Once.a  month.

WHERE?: Home of Karen Gerni

                           137 Dalonigei Court


CONTACT: Karen Gerni



THEME/PURPOSE:  Friendship connections for ladies and Biblical discipleship ... As we walk in His Word, with a focus ... Psalm 119:12, “Blessed are You, O Lord; teach me Your principles.”

Sign Up!

Click below to sign up for a NEXTGroup. If you don't see a group that fits you interests, new groups will be forming regularly and there is a selection for "Tell me about new groups" on the sign-up form. If you would like to host a NEXTGroup and be a NEXTGroup Leader, please indicate your interest in the Comments section of the form. We look forward to seeing you in a NEXTGroup very soon!